12: Family Recipe Remix!

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A Culinary Swap: Family Recipes, Remade with Love! 🍲

This episode is a delicious journey of exchange and rediscovery! We take a step into each other’s kitchens, swapping our most cherished family recipes and recreating them with a twist.

Prepare to be transported by the comforting aromas of childhood favorites, as we breathe new life into these culinary heirlooms. Join us as we delve into the fascinating cultural tapestry woven through food, exploring the stories and traditions behind each dish.

Get ready for a heartwarming celebration of family heritage, laughter in the kitchen, and of course, some delicious surprises along the way!

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • A peek into each other’s family kitchens: We’ll share personal stories and memories associated with our chosen recipes.
  • The joy (and maybe some challenges!) of recipe exchange: Discover the fun and potential hiccups of recreating dishes from another cultural background.
  • Creative twists on tradition: We’ll explore how to keep the essence of a family recipe alive while infusing it with a personal touch.
  • A celebration of cultural diversity: Food as a window into different traditions and heritages, reminding us of the beauty of culinary exchange.
Scooping from a dish of savory cereal mix.


We swapped family recipes and got into our kitchens in this episode. Enjoy these fun links and helpful resources mentioned in this episode:

We show you how to document family recipes for future generations in our webinar Passing the Plate: Documenting Family Recipes for Future Generations. Plus, we’ll help you capture and preserve your family’s culinary heritage with our ebook Passing the Plate: Recipes That Tell Our Family Story.


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