13: A Baker’s Dozen: Favorite Genealogy & Gastronomy Gems

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Celebrating Thirteen Episodes With A Baker’s Dozen 🧁

We’re celebrating a milestone! This episode is a delicious (and informative) feast packed with thirteen of our favorite resources for exploring genealogy and gastronomy. That’s right, a baker’s dozen – that’s 13! – of websites, tools, and databases to fuel your culinary adventures and ancestral quests!

Join us as Ashley dives into the world of incredible recipe websites, sharing her go-to resources for everything from classic comfort food to global culinary adventures.

Then, Lisa takes the reins, unveiling a treasure trove of powerful genealogy research tools, from essential databases and historical archives to helpful software and digital platforms.

Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or a curious cook, this episode has something for you! So, grab a notepad and your favorite snack, because you’re about to discover a baker’s dozen of resources that will take your love for food and family history to the next level!

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