05: Tips for Modifying Recipes and Recovering Picky Eaters

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More Tips for Modifying Those Old Family Recipes

Remember Grandma’s deviled eggs? They might be legendary, but what if your palate craves a touch less mayo?

In this episode, we go beyond “modernization” and dive into the art of mindful recipe modification. We’ll tackle the age-old debate: beans in chili, blasphemy or blessing?

Explore ingredient swaps that respect heritage while igniting your culinary creativity.

We’ll show you how to become the captain of your kitchen, creating dishes that honor the past while satisfying modern palates (and maybe even coaxing picky eaters to the table).

Remember, culinary evolution is a beautiful thing – so grab your whisk, open your mind, and get ready to rewrite the family cookbook (with love, of course).

Deviled eggs in a serving tray.

Join the Chili Debate

Chili can be so divisive – beans or no beans. Which spices should be included or not! Everyone seems to have a different version in their family! Chime in on the chili discussion (debate!) over on Facebook!

See you there!


Here are the links to the recipes we talked about in the episode:

We show you how to document family recipes for future generations in our webinar Passing the Plate: Documenting Family Recipes for Future Generations. Plus, we’ll help you capture and preserve your family’s culinary heritage with our ebook Passing the Plate: Recipes That Tell Our Family Story.


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