01: Welcome to the Passing the Plate Podcast

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Pull up a virtual chair and prepare to dig in to “Passing the Plate,” a podcast exploring the fascinating histories interwoven with each heirloom dish. Forget mere recipe recitation – we’re unearthing the fascinating histories simmering beneath surface-level dishes, dissecting the intricate threads of tradition woven across generations.

Each episode is a feast, where forgotten lore whispers from dusty cookbooks and grandmothers’ secret melodies rise like fragrant steam.

Here, food is not mere fuel, but a tapestry of cultural influence and personal narrative. We’ll embark on culinary odysseys, tracing the evolution of dishes and traditions through time, from the kitchen of a great-grandmother to our own modern kitchens.

A Taste of What You Can Expect

Here’s a taste of what you can expect to hear on episodes of Passing the Plate:

  • How to Capture Your Family Recipes Before They Fade Away
  • Ways to Modernize Family Recipes So You’ll Actually Make Them
  • Tips for collecting the stories behind cherished family recipes
  • Ideas for exploring new cultures and cuisines
  • Blending new traditions into your current lifestyle

Passing the Plate isn’t just a podcast – it’s a community gathering around the virtual table, where you can share your own stories, swap recipes like treasured artifacts, and rediscover the magic that happens when history simmers, culture spices, and legacy rises with every bite.

Welcome to our virtual feast, where the best food for the soul is served with a generous side of intellectual inquiry and shared heritage.

We show you how to document family recipes for future generations in our webinar Passing the Plate: Documenting Family Recipes for Future Generations. Plus, we’ll help you capture and preserve your family’s culinary heritage with our ebook Passing the Plate: Recipes That Tell Our Family Story.


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